Chiefology exists to help leaders go from good to great and from great to rock stars by guiding them through 3 key transition points that every executive will face, and that have historically high failure rates if left to chance.

Rising 's

Transitioning from high-potential leader to highly prepared prospective executive.

Public & Private
  • 2-day Executive Prepshop
Private (Internal)
  • 6-9 mo. Hi-po –> Hi-Prep Cohort



Transitioning from being named successor to achieving success in a new executive role.

Public & Private
  • 1-day Executive Transition Lab
Private (Internal)
  • 3-6 mo. Jump-Start Program


Transitioning from average or good organizational results to great results sustained over time.

Public & Private
  • 1 or 2-day Executive Retreats
Private (Internal)
  • Excelerator Program

All offerings provide the most effective assessment & produce the most efficient path for your success… because with the Right Map you can go anywhere.